Ukrainian soldiers have to stop the enemy with their own bodies in Pisky, Donetsk Oblast

6 August, 04:08 PM

The following is an Aug. 2 Facebook post of a Ukrainian soldier. He claimed there was no artillery support and that Ukraine was losing Pisky village of Donetsk Oblast because of the lack of artillery support. The day after his post artillery units arrived for help. Now situation is under control.

Editor's note: We still decided to post this piece as it shows the first-hand experience of the Ukrainian war. And how quickly the situation changes. On Aug. 6 Russians reported they took Pisky under control. But Donetsk Oblast Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko claimed despite heavy fights Pisky is still under Ukrainian control.

Видео дня

What else can I lose, what else can be taken from me, on the sixth day of my personal hell, in Pisky, a kilometer from the first streets of Ukrainian Donetsk?

The bodies of those more precious to me than family have been tossed around, under the heat, in trenches chewed up by 152 caliber guns. As I wrote previously, there were 6,500 shells shot in this damned village in less than a day.

There have been six of these days, and I can’t wrap my head around the question of how any number of our infantry has survived this flurry of enemy fire.

No, I’m not whining.

Our side is using two mortars, 82 and 120.

Sometimes, two-barrel artillery units wake up and sneeze in the direction of Donetsk.

We almost never answer. There is no counter-battery fire from the word at all. The enemy, without any self-made problems, places artillery shells into our trenches, dismantling very sturdy concrete positions in tens of minutes, pushing through our defensive line without pause and minimal rest.

Yesterday it broke, and a river of 200 (KIA) and 300 (WIA) poured through. I won’t be publishing any sort of statistics, this is banned in our country, but you cannot even imagine the quantity and percent of losses.

This is a damned meat grinder, where a battalion holds back an invasion with their own bodies. We’ve been waiting for some sort of help for nearly a week, which would hit the enemy artillery. We, I repeat, are being burned with impunity by everything that the Russian military system is rich in. Aviation was working today.

I’m proud of the leadership of the battalion that’s stayed with us. They fight with us, everything with us, shell-shocked, light 300s, bandaged, and then in a few hours return to their positions - if you can call these bottomless craters this way.

The war goes on.

Without counter-battery battles, it turns into a meaningless meatgrinder, where an insane number of our infantry are processed every day.

Did you really want the truth? Here it is - the naked truth.

A reserve heads to their position, closing the gap themselves, and within five minutes, only 1 person remains out of 15.

Bodies are strewn around. If there’s a light 300, then, maybe, they’ll get lucky, stumbling and walking to get out, to the medics.

We only took a 300. He yelled the whole way: “Where’s our support? Where’s our artillery? Why were we abandoned? Why didn’t anyone cover us?”

 I don’t know, friend, why no one covered us. He’s screaming, and I’m ashamed that I’m still whole and sound, and only went deaf a few times.

I threw up, pissed myself, sorry, and I’m back in action. All of our reserves have been plundered, our military equipment is smoldering, and the enemy easily takes our positions after yet another flurry of artillery.

Right now we’re losing Pisky, all of our capabilities in manpower and material are almost spent.

Denys, from Mariupol, who told me, “Well, I trust  (Presidential Advisor Oleksiy) Arestovych, very soon we’ll get every back,” is dead. He was wounded twice, we changed his dressings right in the trench, and I told him, Denys boy, head to evacuation, but he replied, “Guys, I’m not gonna leave you.”

Both when he was wounded the first time, and after the second, he continued to return fire.

We still haven’t gotten his body back. In ruined Pisky he lies, his arms spread, his gaze frozen. He asks for vengeance. How can I refuse his last wish? How can any of us leave Den? 

I believe that Dima survived because he couldn’t have died, only having returned from the hospital, only having proposed to his girlfriend. They say that after one of the advances he just vanished. Feel asleep in the earth. But I believe that this is just a mistake, that he lives. Idiotic hope upon hope.

I know that my government doesn’t like when we are thinking aloud. But I haven’t been left any other options, in between the ‘only victory’ and ‘Arestovych’ types. The truth must be heard, and not left to whispered conversations in the kitchen. Of course, I’ll see something for this message myself, because how can it be, that the government is lying to its own people?

I won’t be surprised if someone today says “Kremlin agent Serhiy blabbed about the genius plan of the victorious on the Donetsk front, we’ll hang him on Myrotvorets.” I’m fucking tired of saying that everything is under control. Right now, in Pisky, nothing is under fucking control, but for some reason this situation is being kept under wraps.

Keep beating that broken bell, while we cover Pisky in bodies.

We need artillery.

Give us something here, anything, in order for us to hold.

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