UOC-MP priests assault soldier, 1 year since Bucha freed, exclusive w/Zhytomyr Mayor

3 April, 03:59 PM

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●      Moscow Patriarchate priests beat up Ukrainian soldier in Khmelnytskyi (video)
Ukrainian Orthodox Church — Moscow Patriarchate priests attacked a soldier who came to a church in the western Ukrainian city of Khmelnytskyi, Viktor Burlyk, a member of the regional council reported on Facebook on April 2.

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●      The 12 steps to de-occupy Crimea — Ukraine’s Security Council
Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council has developed a 12-step strategy for the de-occupation of Crimea, National Security and Defense Council secretary, Oleksiy Danilov, announced on Facebook on April 2.

●      Former ‘DPR’ leader argues Russia is ‘heading for a military defeat’
War criminal, terrorist, and former “DPR” leader Igor Girkin (Strelkov), Donetsk collaborator Pavel Gubarev, propagandist Maxim Kalashnikov, and others have announced the creation of the so-called Angry Patriot Club, in a video posted on April 1.

●      Ukrenergo completes restoration of energy facilities after Russia’s March 9 mass missile attack
Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s state electricity transmission system operator, has completed the restoration of power facilities in central Ukraine following Russia’s last mass missile attack on March 9, the company wrote on Telegram on April 2.

●      Moscow Patriarchate’s Metropolitan Pavlo gets electronic tag in courtroom, placed under house arrest
The Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate’s Metropolitan Pavlo, the former abbot of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, has been fitted with an electronic bracelet at Kyiv’s Shevchenkivskyi District Court after being put under round-the-clock house arrest.

●      Bucha Summit participants denounce Russia’s war crimes, call for justice
Nearly 50 countries and organizations that attended the Bucha Summit adopted a joint declaration calling for bringing those responsible for Russian war crimes to justice, the press service of the Office of the President of Ukraine announced on March 31.

●      IMF approves record $15.6 billion aid program for Ukraine
The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved a four-year $15.6 billion financing program for Ukraine, which will allow Kyiv to meet its urgent financing needs amid Russia’s full-scale invasion, Reuters reported on March 31.

●      Paris adamant China can significantly influence the war in Ukraine
The administration of French President Emmanuel Macron is convinced that China is one of the few countries capable of fundamentally altering the course of Russia's war against Ukraine, CNN reported on March 31, citing Elysée Palace sources.

●      Former SBU head faces treason trial
Oleksandr Yakymenko, who helmed Ukraine’s SBU security service under former president Viktor Yanukovych, will be tried for high treason, over his involvement in repressions in Russia-occupied areas of Kherson Oblast, SBU said in a Telegram post on March 31.

●      Over 70% of Ukrainians say talks with Russia not effective way to achieve peace
More than 70% of Ukrainians do not consider negotiations with Russia to be an effective way to achieve peace, according to a survey conducted by the Razumkov Center, the results of which were presented on March 31.

●      Russia suffered irreparable losses during Kyiv offensive last year, says General Pavlyuk
Some Russian units saw losses of up to 70% of personnel during their attempt to capture Kyiv at the start of the full-scale invasion, and Russia has still not replaced them, Ukraine’s deputy defense minister, Lieutenant General Oleksandr Pavlyuk, said on national television on March 31.

●      Ukraine anti-corruption agency adds Chinese construction giant to list of international sponsors of war
The National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NAZK) has added the largest Chinese construction contractor in the Russian Federation, China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), to the list of international sponsors of the war, the agency wrote on its website on March 30.

●      Washington prepares $2.6 billion military aid package for Ukraine, Reuters reports
The United States plans to announce a new package of security assistance to Ukraine on April 3, which will include $2.6 billion worth of anti-tank missiles, air surveillance radars, and fuel trucks, Reuters reported on March 31, citing three unnamed U.S. officials.

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●      Ukraine needs transformation: Zhytomyr Mayor Serhiy Sukhomlyn on the first days of the war, the fight against corruption, and major changes
Zhytomyr is a city that combines things that at first glance cannot be combined. The quiet provincial regional center is at the same time one of the most militarized cities of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the city’s mayor, Serhiy Sukhomlyn, himself a soldier by training who still spends weekends at the tank training ground, has quite radical views on the city's development strategy. They are built on using foreign experience, reforming secondary education, and renewing communal infrastructure.

●      Ukrainians buying more UA-made products during war, including flags, magnets, and Tarot cards
After a year of full-scale war, Ukrainian souvenir producers are seeing a windfall with fridge magnets seeing a 140-fold increase in demand. Other products that have seen a spike in interest include camping stoves and envelopes, which saw 18-fold and 12-fold increases, says online retailer Rozetka.

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