Wagnerites "in power" in Enerhodar: What is happening at the ZNPP?

5 December 2022, 12:06 PM

Energoatom President Petr Kotin said that his organization is supposedly now seeing signs that the Russians are preparing to leave the ZNPP.

I do not know what considerations Kotov is being guided by, even though this message has been breathlessly shared by the world media. My sources just recently wrote that, on the contrary, barracks for the Russian military are being set up in reactor halls No. 2, 4 and 6, meaning that Russians are housing themselves there.

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A room intended for protecting the working specialists of reactor No. 3 has also been turned into a barracks. There is pressure on the staff – a middle management employee wrote to me a few days ago that she has been forced to sign a contract because the occupiers use all methods [to induce people to do so], including taking family members hostage. This woman is not only a manager, but also the mother of a child with a disability. But it is impossible for her to leave, as lists have been given to checkpoints of who not to let through.

Among other things, there the fact that the block shift supervisor (whom I personally know) was blocked from entering the ZNPP because he did not sign a contract, and a week later was detained and, according to reports, tortured until his tendons were broken.

Enerhodar Telegram channels also refute this situation of ‘Russian withdrawal.’ The shelling of Nikopol and Marhanets comes from Enerhodar, every day, and intensifies every day.

And, as my sources write, it is Wagnerites who are in power in Enerhodar now.

Enerhodar is now undergoing a change in its occupation authorities, with the previous "mayor" Oleksander Volha being replaced, and consequently, everyone else being replaced, too. Therefore, there are no signs that they will make a “goodwill gesture” of leaving Enerhodar.

In particular, this is also evidenced by a note from the Russians to the IAEA that “as a result of shelling, the supply for the Zaporizhzhya NPP’s own needs is coming from the unified energy system, but we decided to repair the high-voltage line connecting the Zaporizhzhya NPP with the Zaporizhzhya thermal power plant.”

This is what they have been reporting. So they are not going anywhere yet.

I am often asked what kind of fuel the Zaporizhzhya NPP is currently operating on, because it has to operate on Western fuel. I know that it is mixed: there is Westinghouse fuel, part of the reactors, a fully active zone, and there are production facilities of Y12. Therefore, there is both fresh fuel produced by Westinghouse, and spent fuel, which is in the reactors.

Currently, fuel is not being received, but rather being used from stocks. And this is something else dangerous that I want to say again. In the last shelling, in particular, they hit the special buildings where fresh nuclear fuel is stored. And it's totally dangerous. By itself, fresh fuel is not radioactive, but if a phosphorus projectile lands where it is stored, the consequences will be dire, as it will start a zirconium reaction. This is not safe. And these firefights were led by Kadyrovites while at the station in one of the station's facilities, which corrected fire on an industrial site. Therefore, this last shelling, of course, has greatly increased the risks.

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