What do I think of the latest Amnesty International report?

4 August, 06:34 PM

I, like you, have seen the latest Amnesty International statement. Just like you, I am outraged by it. I consider it unfair.

I understand that in response to criticism, Amnesty International will say that “this is how we criticize both sides of the conflict”

But let's clearly agree on the understanding of simple things.

This behavior of Amnesty International is not about finding and bringing the truth to the world.

It is about creating a false balance between the criminal and the victim.

Видео дня

Between a country that exterminates the civilian population by the thousands, and a country that is desperately defending itself, saving its people, saving the continent from this influx.

So please stop creating a false reality where everyone is a little bit guilty of something.

Engage in reporting the truth, the systemic, large-scale truth about what today's Russia is.

Do it at least in the name of civilian victims – citizens of Ukraine. Just today eight were killed by Russian shells at a public transport stop in the city of Toretsk, Donetsk Oblast.

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