What the war’s finale will be, and Hungary’s destiny in the EU

1 February, 07:42 PM


The West, in the manner of truly civilized countries, after getting rid of Moscow's corruption, will begin a self-cleaning

The West does not know a lot about Putin, and this is the problem of Western civilization. Because somehow it happened that this civilization, to which we ourselves belong to, meaning the Western world, has, during the entire existence of Muscovy, and then the stolen-from-us name of Rus and the renamed Russia, been under a very strong informational (to use today’s language), pressure.

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So, the lies about Muscovy did not begin from Putin, it began from the emergence of this state entity. The main idea was to lie to those who occasionally came to this Muscovy to give them the opportunity to see, to understand and to learn. All of Potemkin’s villages are a tradition. I advise you to read Astolphe de Custine.

This is a French count who came to Russia to learn how to arrange a system of monarchism in France properly. He believed that the Russian monarch is a cool uncle, and you can learn something from him. When he came back, he wrote a book that Russian spies bought in Paris and burned, because something was written there which turned the idea of Russia upside down. And nothing today has changed, unfortunately. Well, maybe after February 24 something has changed, but the fact that the West does not understand what Russia is, how it functions and why this is happening – is an absolute fact. And the field is not even plowed.

How long will the West draw conclusions about Russia? Every day of delay is the death of Ukrainian defenders, it is the loss of our lives which hits the closest. For someone in the West, this is a continuation of the theory "Maybe we can still not finish Russia off completely, but give it a chance to somehow be reborn, maybe some democracy will grow there someday,” and similar nonsense, because there is no other way to call it. Because it is impossible to artificially grow democracy in a country that has never been democratic at all. This has never happened in history.

All societies went through certain stages of their development and gradually acquired certain features. It was not only during the times of Marxism-Leninism that it was said that Mongolia had jumped over capitalism and became socialist. More nonsense. The same cannot be done in Russia. Russia cannot be democratic by definition, because it must go through several generations of gradually getting used to everything that happens. And, unfortunately, some of our Western partners are continuing to brainstorm, in some strange, and, well, in a slightly twisted way.

I still hope that despite a very well-fed part of the Western establishment by the Russians in terms of corruption, most people are finally starting to see that there really exists a Russian Federation, and that there are those people who ran it and are running it now. Therefore, I hope that gradually, this process of insight will acquire its normal dimension and completion.

I heard about Hungary from European officials in Brussels, you know, like in the kitchens in Soviet times, language that was already unpleasant 4-5years ago. It was already said at the time that Hungary is behaving ab-normally, that the state is undermining the principles on which the Euro-pean Union is built, that it is violating human rights, that the level of corruption in it is beginning to exceed all possible and impossible limits, and so on. That is, all this was observed, but tolerated and, in fact, is tolerated to this day. Well, there are some reactions there - Hungary does not receive certain financial assistance from the European Union, but it seems to me that this is not at all the tactic that should be used.

Instead, our collective Western world should understand that it must unite not territorially, but institutionally – I mean, when institutions are truly based on values, not just on the covered territories. They covered a part of Eastern Europe and covered Hungary, which does not really want to profess these values. What should be done? It is necessary to change the statutory documents of the European Union, on which it was built, because the initial concept was only about accession. I'm sorry, but you need to have documents to get rid of them - if one of those countries that were accepted no longer meets this criteria, I think the European Union has a lot of work to do in this regard. Because this creeping over the territory without a proper assessment of the country that you had once accepted, and why things have led to erosion, and to the fact that these structures simply began to function weakly, that they do not per-form the functions they were supposed to perform. Therefore, I think that the West, in the manner of truly civilized countries, after getting rid of Moscow's corruption (and this is one of the very serious prerequisites for change), will need to start a self-cleanse. The same goes for changing the rules of the procedure whereby one country can block the opinion of the entire community – especially when this opinion is clearly borrowed from outside the European Union.

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I think that the end of this war will be the end of the post-war (I mean WWII) era. It has already exhausted herself. We already have to move to a completely different coordinate system, where everything works on the basis of true respect for principles, and not respect for money, respect for corruption, backroom deals and so on. If this does not happen, we will have the same tragedies like we have today.

Some information has appeared - Hungary and Austria have agreed that they will not supply weapons to Ukraine. This is passed off as a very peaceful foreign policy. Why? Because in that Austria, if we take a closer look at how Russia worked there, we will find dozens of people sitting on the Kremlin's money.

Still, I do see the point of a collective position of the West – not in pulling out these individual Moscow collaborators, many of whom have spawned in Europe, but to eliminate the reason for why these collaborators appear: to ensure that this, pardon the pun, infection does not spread any-where else from the territory of the current Russian Federation.

Hungary is already being punished for its absolutely absurd position, and tools are being found to circumvent its veto. Europe is also not standing still and is looking for ways to fix this situation. But I repeat again: it seems to me that these are the consequences that come already after whole countries or the political elites of given countries start playing not European democracy, but totalitarianism. This is actually a threat to the European Union, because these ideas aren’t only spreading in Hungary.

We need to think about a systemic approach to get rid of the evil that the Russian Federation is. And under these circumstances we can think about the fact that there will be no more such relapses as we see today, these pseudo-pacifistic approaches, because they do not help to resolve the issue, but rather help the aggressor continue his aggression.

We are on the eve of the Ukraine-European Union summit. Here the question is no longer about our Western partners, but about ourselves, because the political will of the West to have Ukraine as a European partner and a member of the European Union has already been declared, written down – it has already voiced by everyone. What else do we want to hear from the West? Well, actually, we don't need to hear anything more. Now, instead of what we are traditionally used to - some statements - we need to move on to business. And these things have begun being done. But sometimes one gets the impression, and this is what our Western partners say quite often, that the matter has not come to an en:it was started, it reached the level of a conditional 90% and stopped, and10% still remains and can spoil the entire picture.

Well, for example, for how many months have we been discussing the issue of appointing judges to the Constitutional Court? Everything has already been discussed several times, it has been determined what and how to do it, the Venice Commission has provided relevant proposals.

And what do we see? We see that for some reason at the final stage, our native Verkhovna Rada stopped and made a decision - no, we will not give international experts who are independent and have no any private interests in Ukraine the right to have a decisive vote when it comes to the appointment of these court members. Do we want a new head, like the one walking around Vienna today? And do we have only one such anti-hero in our country? Where there not a lot of them  ? Is everything so transparently clean there?

They want to help us and say, "Dear friends, your Constitutional Court must be a model of law, there can be no political instruments or any other influences. Nothing. It must be a transparently clear legal institution, because without it, your progress will be impossible if you do not have a functioning judicial system. It begins with the Constitutional Court."

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