Why not everyone in the U.S. Congress supports aid to Ukraine, and how to convince them

28 December 2022, 02:20 PM

The topic of where aid to Ukraine is going is coming up again in the U.S.

There were 21 standing ovations counted during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s speech to the US Congress. At the same time, there were three people in this hall whose mood was dissonant with the one around them. These are, in particular, Republican Representatives Matthew Gaetz and Lauren Bobert. Ms. Bobert said afterward that she would not support any money for Ukraine until a full audit of where the funds which had already been approved had gone, as reported by The Hill.

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The topic of where the aid to Ukraine goes has come up again.

Despite this, the support of Ukraine in the U.S. Congress is simply phenomenal. I have been to the speeches of our presidents in the U.S. There were also very favorable reviews and reactions. But what happened on December 21 was extremely positive. Here we have to deal with those skeptics who are there. We don't know why they are like that; perhaps it is the old work of the Russian special services. We have to work to meet this challenge, so to speak.

It would be very good if we ourselves on the Ukrainian side have now offered to conduct the most accurate audit of everything that is happening. And it would be very good if we invited those three representatives (and there were a few more of them, because not all Republicans came to this speech) to fly to Poland, then travel to Kyiv, from whence our soldiers can take them with appropriate security to places where it is very hot. And if they saw how 6-10 thousand shells are being fired every day at an average normal pace, and how tens of thousands of shells are spent on peak days, then they would understand where American taxpayer money is going.

Let them spend the night there with our soldiers in the dugouts

Any suspicions would then disappear very quickly. Let them spend the night there with our soldiers in the dugouts. Let them listen to the whistling of bullets overhead, the exploding shells. Seeing what is actually happening is the best form of persuasion. It is one thing to sit 10,000 km away and think about where the money is going, and another thing is to visit a real war. This is what our esteemed partners at the U.S. Embassy should do today, inviting these people very politely to visit the east of Ukraine after Christmas, and see for themselves what is happening there.

Bipartisan support of Ukraine is very important to us. Is there a certain threat in the fact that not all Republicans even came to listen to the Ukrainian president? I think that even those Republicans who listened to President Zelenskyy and who also stood up and applauded and supported what he said, who are still the overwhelming majority in coalition with the Democrats, will form the contingent upon whom everything positive for Ukraine will depend.

Yes, there is probably a wing of those who can be called Trumpists in the Republican Party, and it seems that it has now strengthened. However, it is not known how the story with Donald Trump himself will end, because he is now faced with new charges and it is not known how this will affect his political career. Perhaps it will have a very negative effect. The position of this group of people who consider themselves to be his faithful associates will also depend on this. If we move towards maximum transparency and invite them to join us at the front, then I think this part of the Republican Party which will now be represented in Congress, will change its position a little to a more reasonable one.

Therefore, I do not think that we should be afraid of any extraordinary changes now. Especially since, as Nancy Pelosi said on December 21, a law providing Ukraine with a colossal sum would be voted on in 48 hours. And then, I repeat, we ourselves are interested in every dollar being transparent and accountable, and this will only help us to ask for (and perhaps demand) even more.

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