ZNPP again disconnected from Ukrainian grid, gas prices jump 30% as NS-1 remains shut down, and Ukraine liberates Vysokopillia

6 September, 03:20 PM

Newsletter by Romeo Kokriatski, Managing Editor, New Voice of Ukraine Monday, September 6th, 2022.

Russian shelling caused a fire on the only functioning backup power line to the reactor, which necessitated its disconnection from the grid, Ukrainian nuclear operator Energoatom has said. The sixth reactor, the only one currently functioning, was switched to providing for the plants own internal energy needs. Repairing the damaged lines is incredibly difficult, given the occupation of the plant by Russian forces, but Energoatom has said that it is working to repair the damage.

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  • Meanwhile, only two out of the 14 original IAEA mission team members remain at the ZNPP. These two experts are expected to remain at the plant on a permanent basis.

The spot market natural gas market price in Europe approached $2,900 per 1,000 cubic meters on Sept. 5, and that price may still continue to grow, as Russian authorities have shown no indication that they will be restarting the pipeline’s operations in the near future. Ukrainian pipelines continue to function, providing Europe with 42 million cubic meters of gas per day on average.

A blast furnace in Bremen and a factory that produces wire rods in Hamburg are both on the chopping block as the high energy prices render their production noncompetitive, said Reiner Blaschek, head of ArcelorMittal's German division."The high costs for gas and electricity are putting a heavy strain on our competitiveness,” Blaschek noted.

  • Even though EU steelmakers are hurting, Russian metallurgy continues unabated – including their exports to Europe, all done “legally” through existing loopholes in the sanctions regime.

The released footage shows a column of the Armed Forces walking along a rural road, greeted by local residents. The village is strategically located in northern Kherson Oblast, and represent a major success for the liberation operation occurring in southern Ukraine. Military experts have noted that the village served as a staging point for Russian artillery, and their retreat from the village represents a shorter reach for their shells.

  • The Ukrainian military’s success in the counter-offensive seems to already be paying off – Russian puppet authorities in the oblast are “pausing” their efforts to conduct a sham referendum to “legitimize” the annexation of the region to Russia.

A soldier and his commanding officer have both been charged with criminal negligence for the incident. Law enforcement officials allege that the soldier had handed an armed RPG-26 anti-tank rocket launcher to a child, who then pressed the trigger. The charges may result in prison terms of up to ten years imprisonment.

Channel 4, the seized channel, once belonged to now-dead collaborator MP Oleksiy Kovalyov, who was reported to have been shot in his own residence in Kherson Oblast on Aug. 29. Channel 4’s assets have been given into the custody of Derzhkino, the state film agency, and will function to rebroadcast the national telethon that most channels in Ukraine have been obliged to broadcast since the start of the full-scale war.

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