PRIVACY POLICY AND PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA NV.UA, mobile application NV and mobile application NV Podcasts (hereinafter referred to as the Policy)

The management of the website, the NV mobile application and the NV Podcasts mobile application (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Site) is carried out by the Media-DK Publishing House Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as the Company/Company).

The Policy is an integral part of the agreement on the use of the Site, between you (the user) and the Company. The policy explains: for what purpose and how we process personal data, what rights you have by providing us with any information about yourself and how to contact us if necessary.

The Company reserves the right to change the Policy at any time by updating it and posting the changes on the Site. Please review the Policy regularly to be aware of changes in time. If you continue to use the Site after the changes are made, you automatically assume a legal obligation to comply with the updated terms of the Policy.

Collection, processing and purposes of using personal data

Personal data is information or a collection of information about an individual who is identified or can be identified.

The processing of personal data is carried out in the data centers (servers) of the Company.

The Site visitor is given the opportunity to register on the Site using social networks such as: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or the option to register on the Site is available, in which case the following data must be entered: name, surname, e-mail address, create a password.

Site administrators may ask visitors to provide other data necessary for authorization.

When registering or using the Site, the visitor gives consent to the Company to process his personal data.

The Company reserves the right to collect data about the visit to the Site or the connection that passes through the Site. Such information may include information about the Internet connection, traffic and the duration of the user's work on the Internet.

The personal data of visitors and data on visiting the Site are used to facilitate the use of the Site in the future, to take into account interests and preferences in the implementation of editorial policy, as well as to analyze user behavior, including for working with counterparties in the field of advertising.

Personal data is used and processed in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data", other laws of Ukraine, conventions (agreements) ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, internal documents of the Company.

Personal data is stored for a period not longer than is necessary for the purposes of their processing.

The Company does not collect any information for the processing of which certain requirements are established by law, such as information about racial or ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in political parties and trade unions, convictions for criminal punishment for a crime or conviction for criminal penalties, as well as data relating to health, sexual life, biometric or genetic data.

The Site uses cookies

A cookie is a text file or files containing a small amount of information that is sent by the web browser and stored on the user's device.

In order to make visiting the Site more convenient, track visits to the Site and improve the service, the Company collects a small part of the information sent from your browser, the so-called cookies.

If desired, the user may not send cookies (this option is available in your browser settings). However, please note that disabling the function of sending cookies may limit your use of the Site.

Cookies help to estimate the number and frequency of requests, as well as to identify and block those visitors or devices that attempt to batch download information from the Site.

Third Party and Analytics Cookies

For prompt delivery, better display and detailed analysis of the content on the Site, the Company uses services that are the property of other third-party companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, Alphabet Inc., Gemius and others.

The companies cited as an example may use cookies on the user's device while browsing the Site. Please note that the Site cannot affect the operation of the cookies used by these services.

All the necessary information about their use can be found at the links:

Interaction of the Site with other resources

When using the Site, its pages may contain codes of other Internet resources and third parties, as a result of which such Internet resources and third parties receive your data.

These Internet resources may receive and process information that you have visited the Site, as well as other information that your browser transmits.

Such Internet resources can be: banner display systems (for example, DoubleClick for Publishers, Admixer, AdRiver, etc.); social network plugins (eg Discus, Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

The use of these services is necessary for the Company to evaluate the operational analysis of visits to the Site, internal and external traffic to the Site, browsing depth, user activity.

The Company does not store or process data received from these services. Accordingly, if the user, for any reason, does not want these services to gain access to his personal data, he can voluntarily log out of his account or profile, clear cookies (through his browser).

Juvenile safety

The site is not intended for minors. The company is responsible for security issues, especially in relation to persons under the age of majority. In this connection, the Company calls on parents to explain to their children about the importance of safety on the Internet.

Interaction of the Company with third parties regarding personal data

The Company does not transfer personal data to third parties, except when such transfer is: a legal requirement, a request from the subject of personal data, or in other cases set forth in the Policy.

The Company takes all possible measures to protect the personal information of users, voluntarily and knowingly transmitted by the latter.

The Site may contain links to other websites (for informational purposes only). When following a link to other websites, the Policy will not apply to such websites.

Protecting the conditions of access to personal data

The Company uses generally accepted standards for the technological and operational protection of information and personal data from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. However, despite all efforts, the Company cannot guarantee absolute security against any threats that arise outside the Company's regulation.

The Company provides access to information and personal data only to authorized persons who have agreed to ensure the confidentiality of such information and data, in accordance with the requirements of the Company.

Delete Personal data

The user has the right to withdraw his consent to the use of personal information (personal data) at any time. The user has the right to delete all his personal data at any time. For this, the User just needs to send a message by e-mail, with a note in the subject of the letter "Personal data", to the address:

User access to personal data is free of charge. The user - the subject of personal data, enjoys all the rights granted to him by the regulatory legal acts of Ukraine on personal data.


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