After largest blackout, 73% of Ukraine’s mobile network already working, says Ministry of Digital Affairs

26 November, 06:47 PM

Ukraine may return to planned shutdown next week, reports DTEK

26 November, 01:11 PM

Ukraine still experiencing 30% power deficit

25 November, 10:23 PM

How the full-scale war has affected Ukrainians’ dental health

24 November, 03:23 PM

EBRD allocates $385 million for urgent repairs to Ukraine’s power grid

23 November, 08:00 PM

Three Ukrainian NPPs disconnected from power grids after Russian attacks

23 November, 07:12 PM

Government transfers $345 million of “Canadian” funds to Naftogaz for gas purchases

23 November, 02:33 PM

World Bank allocates additional $4.5 billion for government wages and welfare payments in Ukraine

23 November, 01:28 PM

Russian attacks caused nearly $2 billion worth of damage to Ukrainian power grid

23 November, 01:14 PM

U.S. authorizes transactions for Russian oil supplies to Japan, several EU countries

23 November, 12:06 PM

Global diesel fuel crisis looms as Russian oil embargo draws near, Bloomberg reports

23 November, 12:36 AM

US to provide Ukraine with $4.5 billion to fund state expenses

22 November, 10:35 PM

Ukraine denies interfering with supply of Russian gas to Moldova

22 November, 10:22 PM

NBU optimistic after IMF talks

22 November, 08:19 PM

Gazprom threatens to cut gas transit to Europe through Ukraine

22 November, 07:01 PM

Ukrainian banks made $298 million in profit in 2022, reports NBU

22 November, 04:25 PM

Ukraine is to raise Russian oil transit fee through the Druzhba pipeline

22 November, 11:47 AM

Canada launches $500 million Ukraine Sovereignty Bond

22 November, 11:34 AM

Polish court cancels $6.3 billion Gazprom fine

22 November, 01:32 AM

Ukraine’s regulator revokes licenses of credit union, financial company

21 November, 07:23 PM