Mobile provider Kyivstar using generators to maintain network, investing in reconstruction

20 January, 01:50 PM
Oleksandr Komarov, President of the Kyivstar Company (Photo:NV)

Oleksandr Komarov, President of the Kyivstar Company (Photo:NV)

Ukrainian mobile phone provider Kyivstar is using 1,200 generators with a total capacity of 37 MW to keep its network functioning, the company's CEO Oleksandr Komarov said during NV's annual Ukraine and the Future World discussion event on Jan. 19.

"Generators will not solve the issue,” Komarov said.

“We are increasing the number and the capacity of the generators, but we will not be able to maintain the main network. If there’s an outage in one region, the whole country will be left without connections.”

Despite the situation, the company set up about 600 new base stations in 2022, which is only 5% less compared to the previous 2021 year. The company has addressed significant changes on the market caused by huge internal migration and changes in usage patterns.

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Komarov said the company owns 14,515 objects throughout the country, from large platforms to small base stations. Some 800 of them are currently in the occupied areas, and 1,500 of them that were previously under occupation have been damaged or completely destroyed.

"Reconstruction is our current direction for investment," Komarov said.

Kyivstar's network recovery level in Kherson Oblast has risen to 60%, he added.

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