PrivatBank moves all databases to the Cloud

29 April, 06:54 PM
PrivatBank (Photo:Reuters)

PrivatBank (Photo:Reuters)

State-owned PrivatBank has relocated its data center to Europe due to the threat of the physical destruction of its data centers in Kyiv and Dnipro.

Roman Sulzhyk, a member of the Bank's Supervisory Board, revealed the move during a discussion at the Center for Economic Strategy, Forbes Ukraine reports.

“PrivatBank now fully operates from Europe,” Sulzhyk said.

After Sulzhyk's statement, PrivatBank published some details of the migration. The measure became possible after the NBU allowed banks to store and process data “in the Cloud storages” (Decision dated March 8, 2022).

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“As a result, all the main PrivatBank apps were successfully transferred to the cloud storage to provide customers with access to financial services (banking services, access to cash, etc.) at any time,” the bank’s press service said.

Key facts about migration:

  • It took less than 45 days to securely host and run all critical apps from the cloud;
  • Data from 3,500 servers were transferred;
  • more than 4 petabytes of customer data and transactions have been uploaded to the cloud;
  • more than 270 important apps have been transferred;
  • more than 460 IT specialists from PrivatBank and contractors worked on the project.

According to Sulzhyk, the bank has been working on a project to relocate its customer data to the EU for the past 45 days.

Due to this there have been interruptions in the bank's services in recent weeks. The bank did not announce the transfer of the data center to Europe publicly. 

Sulzhyk recalled that in early March, the NBU gave the banks permission to keep customer data outside the country.

On April 23, PrivatBank warned that customers may experience delays in thebank services, the ATM network and failures when paying for purchases with cards through trading terminals. 

Earlier in April, the bank carried out technical work several times, due to which customers had problems with the work of some of the bank's services.In some cases, the problems lasted longer than the period specified by the bank.

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