Kristina Berdynskykh

NV journalist

Political journalist.

Graduated P. Mohyla Mykolaiv State University in 2005, the Faculty of Political Sciences. In 2006, political science course in at the University of Warsaw.

From 2008 to 2013, journalist for Korrespondent magazine. In 2013-2014, the author of the People project about participants in Ukraine's  Revolution of Dignity.

From 2014 to this day, the journalist for the Country section of the NV magazine. In addition, worked in various TV projects on Hromadske TV, and Channel 24.


2012 - first place in the Reporters for Reporters competition for journalists from the Eastern Partnership countries;

2014 - winner of Alexander Krivenko award;

2016 - winner of Belarus in Focus competition, and finalist of the Ukrainian Pravda competition in the category of the Best Special Report;

2017 - finalist of the Honor of the Profession competition in the category of the best presentation of resonant material.

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