First case of monkeypox registered in Russia

12 July, 05:31 PM
The patient was isolated, and his illness is mild (Photo:REUTERS/Christinne Muschi//File Photo)

The patient was isolated, and his illness is mild (Photo:REUTERS/Christinne Muschi//File Photo)

Russia has registered its first case of monkeypox, Rospotrebnadzor, the state consumer rights protection and health and safety supervisor, said on July 12.

The watchdog said that the viral disease had been discovered in a young man who returned from a trip around European countries and visited a doctor, having developed a typical rash. A medical analysis of the patient's biomaterials confirmed that he was infected with monkeypox.

The patient has been isolated and the disease is proceeding in a mild form, it said.

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Those in contact with the patient are currently under medical supervision.

Monkeypox is a relative of smallpox or "black pox," which used to kill entire cities in Europe.

However, unlike the latter, it has a low mortality rate – from 1% to 10%, while up to 30% of patients died from smallpox.

Scientists have established that monkeypox was transmitted to humans from rodents, in particular the African striped squirrel, striped mice and dormice, the Gambian pouched rats, rusty-nosed rats, and brush-tailed porcupines.

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