Thrifty Brit braves war to fix tooth

27 March, 05:10 PM
Thrifty Brit braves war to fix tooth (Photo:Daily Mail)

Thrifty Brit braves war to fix tooth (Photo:Daily Mail)

A thrifty British man braved Russian missile attacks because of unbearable toothache, UK tabloid the Daily Mail reported on March 25.

Richard Howe, a 58-year-old resident of Cambridgeshire, England, made the risky trip to Kyiv out of a concern for cost.

The Brit said that when he tried to make an appointment for an abscess under his tooth, it turned out that the treatment would set him back at least GBP 875 ($1,072), plus GBP 75 ($92) for emergency care.

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Howe lived in Kyiv for 12 years and married a Ukrainian woman. He returned to the UK a month before Russia’s full-scale invasion and still had contacts in the capital’s clinics.

"The dentist there said he'd happily see me, so I flew to Lublin and got a very long train to Kyiv," recalled Howe.

“The travel cost me GBP 100 ($122) each way in total, but because I have a house over there, accommodation was free. I took the opportunity to have a full check-up while I was there, and found out I needed root canal and a filling — so he did that for me too. And, when I saw the bill, I knew it had been worth it.”

In the end, the solution to all his dental problems cost him less than half the amount he would have paid at home.

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