Foreign minister lists 10 wins for Ukrainian diplomacy in 2021

17 December 2021, 10:52 AM

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba listed 10 victories of Ukrainian diplomacy in 2021 at a briefing on Dec. 17

“This year we adopted the first foreign policy strategy in 30 years,” Kuleba said.

“The Asian and African strategies, the public diplomacy strategy, and the communication strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are also among our biggest achievements of 2021.”

The Crimean Platform is a second milestone in Ukraine’s diplomacy, Kuleba said.

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The visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the United States, as well as the building of relations with the new U.S. administration, can be considered a third win, the minister said.

Kuleba called the opening of new economic opportunities for Ukrainian companies and the expansion of Ukrainian exports the fourth achievement.

He said that the strengthening of the Ukrainian army through the efforts of diplomats was the fifth win.

The sixth victory was the launch of the Associated Trio tripartite format for the enhanced cooperation, coordination, and dialogue between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, and its recognition by the EU.

The deescalation of security threats in the spring and mobilization of partners to deter Russian aggression was the seventh big achievement of Ukrainian diplomats, Kuleba said.

“Eighth: The evacuation of about 1,000 people from Afghanistan and the Gaza Strip. The ninth victory would be the continued possibility for Ukrainians to travel across Europe. And tenth is pride in Ukraine, which we have strengthened throughout this year.”

This year Ukraine also held the Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen, and for the first time brought back to Ukraine the Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk, a 1710 document written by Orlyk, a Hetman of Ukraine, while in exile. The Latin-text copy of the document had previously been kept in archives in Sweden.

What is more, Ukraine has become a leader in countering disinformation, ensured the return of a collection of ancient museum exhibits from Crimea, known as the “Scythian Gold,” and won a place for the traditional Crimean Tatar Örnek decorative pattern on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Kuleba said.

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