Anonymous hacks Gazprom's website, publishes company's correspondence

14 April, 04:36 PM
Hacktivists continue war with Russia (Photo:NeydtStock/depositphoto)

Hacktivists continue war with Russia (Photo:NeydtStock/depositphoto)

Legendary hacktivist group Anonymous have made clear their attitude to the criminal Putin regime, and has declared war on him since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Their latest salvo is a leaked batch of correspondence from Russian state-owned fossil fuel company Gazprom, which the hackers leaked directly onto the Gazprom official website.

The leak, announced on April 14, contains 728 GB of data from the Gazprom Linde Engineering website - a Gazprom division responsible for designing gas and petrochemical processing facilities and oil refineries - and includes about 768,000 recent emails from that division, much of which is likely to contain confidential information about Gazprom’s plans and activities. 

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Gazprom is one of the largest companies owned by Russia. Its assets exceed 15 trillion rubles ($181 billion), and its net annual income is estimated at hundreds of billions of rubles. 

Over the past month and a half, Anonymous has managed to post over 2,000,000 Russian emails online, including correspondence from government agencies and companies owned by sanctioned oligarchs. 

The latest victim of the activists was the website of the Russian Ministry of Culture – 200,000 emails from officials of the department were made public.

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