Another DDoS attack takes down Ukraine’s government, security service, MFA websites

23 February 2022, 06:16 PM

The websites of Ukraine’s cabinet, parliament, SBU security service, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine were all down on Feb. 23 after coming under cyber-attack.

None of the above could be loaded after approximately 16-00 Kyiv time.

The State Special Communications Service informed NV Business that the causes of the incident were being investigated.

As Andriy Baranovych (a.k.a Sean Townsend), speaker of the Ukrainian Cyber Alliance, suggested in a comment to NV Business, the problems in site operations may be related to another DDoS attack.

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“If this is a DDoS, then this is a total disgrace, considering the DDoS a week ago! There was enough time to prepare for the attacks to follow,” said the Cyber Alliance rep.

Almost all Ukrainian banks were subjected to a DDoS attack on Feb. 15, including the state-owned PrivatBank and Oschadbank, and a number of popular commercial banks, as well as the government service portal Diia, the website of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, called that attack "the largest in Ukrainian history."

As a result of the incident, the United States offered the Ukrainian authorities assistance in investigating the massive cyber-attack.

The Kremlin was quick to deny its involvement in the hacking of Ukrainian banks and state institutions.

Earlier, on Feb 22, the State Special Communications Service warned that there might be more cyber-attacks on Ukraine.

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