Russian A-50 air defense plane allegedly attacked by Belarusian partisan drones

27 February, 12:37 PM
Russian aircraft A-50 (Photo:Belarusian Hajun/Telegram)

Russian aircraft A-50 (Photo:Belarusian Hajun/Telegram)

A Russian Air Force A-50U AEW aircraft was damaged by an attack conducted by a pair of drones while at the Belarusian airfield of Machulyshchi, the Belarusian Hajun monitoring group reported on their Telegram channel on Feb. 26.

The sabotage was organized by Belarusian partisans, the head of the Belarusian opposition initiative BYPOL, Alexander Azarov, said in a comment to Nasha Niva publication.

According to him, the organizers of the attack have successfully fled the country.

Hajun also noted that the security forces of Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko’s regime found a bag with drone control equipment.

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The monitoring group added that the Russian A-50 is a fairly “handy” target due to its large (over 10 meters in diameter) fiberglass dome, which houses a rotating antenna, part of the Bumblebee radar complex.

As a result of the attack, the front and central parts of the aircraft were damaged, as well as the avionics and the radar antenna. The aircraft will no longer be able to function.

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