Explosion rocks car of Kherson penal colony head who sided with Russian invaders

18 June, 07:05 PM
A car with collaborator Yevhen Sobolev was blown up in Kherson (Photo:Suspilne.Kherson)

A car with collaborator Yevhen Sobolev was blown up in Kherson (Photo:Suspilne.Kherson)

A blast hit a car on Seniavina Street in the occupied city of Kherson in the afternoon of June 18, Ukrainian news outlet Suspilne reported on the Telegram messenger.

The outlet reported that the car belongs to the head of the 90th penal colony, Yevhen Soboliev, who has sided with Russian invasion forces.

Suspilne said that an explosive device attached to a tree had denotated next to the car. The driver survived. His identity is being verified. At the same time, the Russian military reported a terrorist attack by the Ukrainian guerrillas.

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Yevhen Shevchenko, known as a freelance agent of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, wrote on Facebook that Soboliev had been killed as a result of the blast in Kherson. However, Shevchenko later retracted his report, and said that the collaborator had survived.

Shortly afterwards, Russian state propaganda news agency RIA Novosti, citing Russian law enforcement agencies, confirmed that Soboliev had been attacked.RIA Novosti claims that the collaborator has been hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

RIA Novosti
Фото: RIA Novosti

On May 5, Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office served Soboliev with charge of treason under martial law.

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Фото: Ministry of Internal Affairs

According to the investigation, Soboliev sided with the Russian invaders on March 23. In particular, he allowed trucks carrying Russian-made sugar, flour and cigarettes into the colony, and then instructed the convicts to tear off the labels for further sale in Kherson and the oblast.

Soboliev also allegedly assisted the invaders by getting convicts to repair Russian military equipment on the territory of the prison colony.

The Russian military was also provided with barracks in the colony in conference rooms. The facility also provides Russians with medical care and treatment, Ukrainian prosecutors said.

In addition, Soboliev allegedly helped the invaders win over other officials in Kherson Oblast.

Prosecutors say that while chatting on the Telegram messenger with a Russian special services officer, aka Andru FCB, Soboliev sent him the phone number of Ihor Shepeliev, an official of the State Treasury Service in Kherson, promising to establish cooperation between him and the occupying forces.

Soboliev faces up to 15 years in prison or life imprisonment for treason under martial law.

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