Commandant’s office established in Kyiv

31 March, 06:07 PM
Kyiv Military Police chief Victor Plakhiy (Photo:DR)

Kyiv Military Police chief Victor Plakhiy (Photo:DR)

To maintain order during curfews, the capital city of Kyiv now has a commandant’s office, the city administration announced on March 31.

Kyiv Military Police chief Victor Plakhiy was appointed as the city’s commandant, with an office at Peremohy ave, 55/2.

His office’s responsibilities include:

Facilitating the proper observance of curfews;

Enforcing blackouts during nighttime;

Coordinating the efforts of local civil and military administration, the Armed Forces, law enforcement, and other branches of the military.

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The commandant’s office is staffed by Plakhiy, his deputy, and five other officials responsible for the various legal, logistical, and other aspects involved in enforcing the martial law regime established in Kyiv, and across Ukraine, following the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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