Concentration camp survivor killed by Russian air strike on Kharkiv

21 March 2022, 06:25 PM

Boris Romanchenko, a 96-year-old survivor of several Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War, has been killed by a Russian air strike in Kharkiv, the Buchenwald-Dora memorial center said in a Twitter post on March 21.

Romanchenko was killed on March 18. He had been held prisoner in the concentration camps of Buchenwald, Peenemünde, Mittelbau-Dora, and Bergen-Belsen.

“Boris Romanchenko championed the efforts to prevent Nazi crimes from fading from memory, and served as Vice President of the International Buchenwald-Dora Committee,” the message reads.

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“In 2012, during the commemorative event on the anniversary of Buchenwald’s liberation, Romanchenko recited the Buchenwald oath: ‘Establishing a new world, ruled by peace and freedom.’”

Earlier, 101-year-old Nuremberg Trials prosecutor Benjamin Ferencz said that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin should be tried for the crimes against humanity that Russian troops are committing in Ukraine.

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