Crashed UAV in Croatia reportedly carried a bomb onboard

14 March 2022, 11:25 AM

Croatian Defense Minister Mario Banožić said the wreckage of a Soviet-era unmanned aircraft that crashed near the Croatian capital of Zagreb recently had traces of explosive material, the AP reported on March 13.

Traces of explosives and clues suggesting that this was not a reconnaissance aircraft were found. We found parts of an air bomb,” Banožić said.

The minister said the evidence has raised more questions as to whether the drone was Russian or Ukrainian.

“There are elements that indicated it could have come from both,” he said.

Video of day

On March 10, a Soviet-era Tu-141 Strizh drone crashed in the suburbs of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Some reports suggested it was launched from the areas engulfed by the Russia-Ukraine war.

Markiyan Lubkivsky, former Ukrainian ambassador to Croatia and now the advisor to the Minister of Defense, said that the drone was not Ukrainian, since its wreckage bore red stars – the insignia of Russian Air Force.

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