Odesa de-energized after Russian strike, parts of Kherson lose power

10 December 2022, 03:33 PM
A saleswoman in Odessa during a power outage on December 5, 2022 (Photo:REUTERS/Serhii Smolientsev)

A saleswoman in Odessa during a power outage on December 5, 2022 (Photo:REUTERS/Serhii Smolientsev)

The electricity supply was cut off to all consumers in the city of Odesa, except for critical infrastructure, following a kamikaze drone attack on Odesa Oblast, the DTEK energy company reported on Dec. 10.

Also, Russian shelling left part of the city of Kherson without electricity.

DTEK noted that due to the scale of destruction of several energy infrastructure facilities, the situation with the electricity supply in Odesa Oblast is critical. In addition to the municipality, emergency power outages also happenedin some towns and villages in the oblast.

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"The military, rescuers, emergency teams of power engineers have  arrived at the scene,” the energy company said.

“Repairs to the destroyed facilities will begin as soon as the military gives the green light.”

Head of Kherson Oblast State Administration Yaroslav Yanushevych said that in the early hours of Dec. 10, Russians shelled Kherson. In total, 2,549 households were cut off the power. Due to damaged power lines, the following areas are once again without electricity:

  • the city center;
  • Shumenskyi microdistrict;
  • the village of Stepanivka.

According to Yanushevych, repair teams of power engineers have already started work.

In the early hours of Dec. 10, the Ukrainian Air Force shot down 10 of the 15 kamikaze drones that attacked southern Ukraine: four in Mykolaiv and Kherson oblasts, and two more in Odesa Oblast.

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