Elon Musk provides Ukraine with Tesla Powerwall

29 April, 01:50 PM
Tesla Powerwall solar panels in Borodyanka (Photo:Mykhailo Fedorov / Telegram)

Tesla Powerwall solar panels in Borodyanka (Photo:Mykhailo Fedorov / Telegram)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, after launching the Starlink internet connection for Ukraine, has now provided the country with Tesla Powerwall solar batteries. Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s digital transformation minister, wrote on his Telegram channel about Musk’s gift of the equipment.

“Today, two hospitals in Borodyanka and Irpin (in Kyiv Oblast) received Tesla Powerwall solar panels and energy storage systems,” Fedorov wrote.

The systems have gained a lot of popularity in the United States, added Fedorov.

“The Powerwall energy system works autonomously to a high degree and provides backup electricity supplies when supplies are cut off,” the minister said.

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“This is innovative equipment that will help Ukrainians in the regions that were affected by Russia’s war most severely.”

Prior to his latest donation of equipment, Musk provided Ukraine and Ukrainian consumers with an option to connect to Starlink, a satellite-based internet connection system.

Musk has a legally registered entity in Ukraine for operational needs.

Musk, the world’s richest man with $265 billion in net worth, is the CEO of Tesla, a leading electric vehicle producer in California in the United States.

Lately he made a bid to buy Twitter, a social media company, that he valued at more than $40 billion. Twitter shareholders agreed to accept it, but the price of transaction is a subject to further negotiations.

Meanwhile, the EU made a warning that will scrutinize Musk’s ability to organize Twitter’s work in a proper way.

Marc Andreessen, a popular venture capitalist and early investor in Facebook, wrote on Twitter that for such a business cleaning up the algorithms is the most important thing.

Musk, in turn, said that he is acquiring Twitter for the purpose for preserving the culture of free speech on the Internet.

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