How residents of frontline Bakhmut live amid constant shelling – NV report

20 January, 06:23 PM
The city of Bakhmut (Photo:General Staff)

The city of Bakhmut (Photo:General Staff)

The Bakhmut area has been one of the hottest spots in the war for months. At the same time, despite the constant danger, volunteers continue to help the population of the frontline town of Bakhmut, which is under constant shelling by the Russian invaders.

Street battles are underway on the town’s eastern outskirts, and it is very dangerous to move around Bakhmut on one’s own.

Despite this, there are now few people among the local population willing to evacuate, since those who were ready to leave already did so a few months ago.

NV talked with residents who decided to stay in the front town and found out how they managed to survive in war.

Video of day

Moving around the town

Volunteers are carrying civilians in an armored car around Bakhmut. Whenasked if there is a fear of being shelled, the driver replies: “There is very strong fear, and while it remains, we’ll work. If you aren’t afraid, you need to go from here.”

Lack of basic communications

The town has been left without water, electricity and heating since October. The locals are forced to heat their houses on their own. Some residents have installed a small stove, and some people are collecting firewood, lighting a fire in the yards and thus heating water, preparing food and warming themselves.

Invincibility Center

A fourth Invincibility Center has recently been opened in Bakhmut. It is now the only place with the access to the Internet. According to volunteers, the locals need it mainly to communicate with their evacuated relatives. People can also get hot drinks, warm up and eat there.

Providing medical care

No hospital is currently open in the town. Volunteer doctors arrive in Bakhmut to provide medical care or consultation. In particular, the Ukrainian-Israeli organization Frida has sent two dozen specialists to provide medical care for patients.

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