Where is the safest place in the house during a Russian missile attack?

9 March, 07:17 PM
High-rise buildings after enemy shelling (Photo:sergeynagornyi07 / depositphotos)

High-rise buildings after enemy shelling (Photo:sergeynagornyi07 / depositphotos)

Caught far from a shelter during a nighttime Russian missile attack? Where’s the best place to seek shelter in your own home? That depends on the type of building, design engineer Dmytro Makahon told NV in an exclusive interview.

Unfortunately, the enemy often targets residential buildings. If heading to a bomb shelter is not an option, you should know which places are the safest at home.

Where is best to hide from missile attacks in a residential monolithic-frame house?

“These structures usually have many solid spaces, such as elevator shafts or stairwells. There is such a thing as a non-smoking stairwell – that is, it doesn’t look outdoors, but is in the middle of the house. It is usually a concrete well with no windows. This is the safest place during an unexpected attack – you can get there easily, it has an emergency exit, and is properly ventilated.”

If your monolithic-frame house does not have such an area – it is usually present in buildings over nine floors – it is better to go to a common hallway where there are no windows.

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Where is it better to hide from shelling in a brick house?

The rule of two walls must be followed in a brick house. Doorways are the most dangerous places, due to flimsy hollow walls and ceilings typical for such constructions. An underground cellar or garage would be a rather safe place if they have ventilation and an emergency exit.

NV has published material about what to do if trapped under debris. The instruction will be helpful if no-one can hear you. There are also explanations of how to reinforce windows and protect against shrapnel from explosions.

It's best to be prepared for enemy attacks.

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