Invaders launch assaults near Slovyansk, without success – General Staff

28 July, 01:41 PM
An assault by the invaders in the area of Slovyansk was unsuccessful (Photo:General Staff)

An assault by the invaders in the area of Slovyansk was unsuccessful (Photo:General Staff)

Russian invasion forces in the Donbas launched a series of assaults near the key Donetsk Oblast city of Slovyansk, probing for weaknesses in Ukraine’s defenses, but retreated after meeting resistance, Ukraine’s General Staff reported on July 28.

Ukraine’s military also said artillery shelling was recorded in the areas of the settlements of Andriyivka, Nortsivka, Bohorodichne, Chepil, Velyka Komyshuvaha, Petrivske and Husarivka.

In the Kharkiv area, artillery shelling was recorded around the city of Kharkiv, and the settlements of Dementiivka, Mospanove, Sosnivka, Udy, Cherkassky Tyshki, Stary Saltiv, Tsirkuny, Protopivka, Zlochiv, Ruski Tyshki, Petrivka, Pryshyb, Prudyanka and Kalinovka.

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Enemy aircraft also carried out an air strike not far from Rusky Tyshki.

The invaders conducted aerial reconnaissance using UAVs in order to discover the positions of Ukrainian troops and adjust their own artillery fire, the General Staff said.

According to available intelligence, Russia’s FSB security service is intensifying its counterintelligence measures in the northern areas of Ukraine bordering Russia. The occupiers fired artillery at positions near Mykolaivka in Chernihiv Oblast, and at Tovstodubovo and Ryasny in Sumy Oblast.

In the areas of Volyn and Polissia in the north-west of Ukraine, engineering work on the positions of newly arrived enemy units has been observed. The enemy has been conducting aerial reconnaissance with UAVs in order to discover the positions of the Ukrainian troops, probe Ukraine’s air defense system, and monitor the camouflaging of its own units.

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