Invaders out, but demining in progress – Sumy Oblast governor

8 April, 01:26 PM
Destroyed equipment of the occupiers (Photo:General Staff)

Destroyed equipment of the occupiers (Photo:General Staff)

Residents of Sumy Oblast can hear explosions because ordnance abandoned by retreating Russian forces is being cleared, the head of the Sumy Oblast military administration, Dmytro Zhyvytskyy, said on Facebook late on April 7.

Zhyvytskyy underlined that no Russian troops remain in the region. 

“The oblast is free from ogres, so if you hear explosions (and there are a lot of them in recent days), these are rescuers and explosives at work. They are neutralizing the ammunition that the Russian military left on our land,” said Zhyvytskyy. 

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He also said that the situation in the region was still unsafe. Residents are urged not to use forest roads and not to pull over to the side of the road, he said.  

The General Staff reported on April 4 that due to the withdrawal of units of the Russian armed forces from Sumy Oblast, the invaders abandoned their offensives in the Siversky and part of the Slobozhansky area, probably not having achieved their military objectives.

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