Kadyrov strengthens his forces’ power in occupied Donbas

18 November 2022, 07:03 PM
Ramzan Kadyrov (Photo:Grozny TV/YouTube)

Ramzan Kadyrov (Photo:Grozny TV/YouTube)

The self-proclaimed “head of the Chechen Republic” Ramzan Kadyrov is strengthening the power of the Chechens in the temporarily occupied Donbas, the Center of National Resistance reported on Nov. 18.

The strengthening of power is facilitated by a large number of military personnel controlled by Kadyrov, who are in the rear and have unchecked authority in Donbas. According to the agency, the Chechens are looting the region and taking goods and equipment to Chechnya.

Meanwhile, Gleb Mykhaylov from Dagestan, who is loyal to Kadyrov, was appointed prosecutor in Luhansk. His task will be to provide legal cover for repression and the crimes of Kadyrov’s troops in the region.

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In addition, 200 local teenagers have already been sent to Chechnya for “military-patriotic education.” According to Kadyrov, they are planning to carry out “preventive work” with the children.

Delegations from Chechnya monitoring the performance of gauleiter’s duties for Kadyrov are constantly present in occupied Donetsk. During the week, there have also been visits from Chechnya’s Minister of Information Akhmet Dudayev, Chechen MP Jamalai Zakriyev and Kadyrov adviser Umar Daudov.

Previously, the General Prosecutor’s Office published a summons to summon Kadyrov for questioning on Nov. 17 as a suspect.

Ukraine’s SBU security service on Nov. 16 added Kadyrov to its wanted list.

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