Kyiv has all the supplies it needs to withstand another attack

2 May, 05:31 PM
Kyiv (Photo:Unsplash)

Kyiv (Photo:Unsplash)

Kyiv is fully stocked with necessities and reserves are distributed to ensure that they cannot be destroyed by a single, or even several, strikes, the Kyiv Municipal Military Administration stated via Telegram messenger on May 2.

Humanitarian aid centers in the capital have purchased and more than 6,000 tons of food products from charities in March and April, the Administration added.

"The city has also prepared a sufficient amount of essential goods and medicines,” municipal authorities added.

“Today, the capital is not at risk of encirclement, but the city authorities are prepared for any developments.”

Видео дня

Municipal authorities also highlighted the work of humanitarian aid centers, noting that they have been working non-stop for the past two months to provide people with necessities. 

"Every day thousands of meal kits were issued at the district humanitarian headquarters,” the Telegram message reads.

“Social services, with the support of volunteers, delivered the necessary items to their homes. Territorial defense battalions and those on duty at checkpoints were provided with hot meals. In total, more than 200,000 Kyiv residents received assistance in the capital.”

Earlier, the city’s defense authorities were reported to have developed new plans for defending the city, as the Russian government is believed to not have abandoned its goal of capturing Kyiv.

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