Lukashenko expects Russian governors will succeed him in Belarus, says Levin

31 March, 06:00 PM
Belarusian usurper Alexander Lukashenko (Photo:BelTA/Maxim Guchek/Handout via REUTERS)

Belarusian usurper Alexander Lukashenko (Photo:BelTA/Maxim Guchek/Handout via REUTERS)

Military analyst and officer of the Israeli Defense Army, Yigal Levin, told Radio NV on March 31 what Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko meant by saying that his children will not be presidents of Belarus.

“The leaders of the subjects of the Russian Federation are not really presidents — they are called heads or governors. That’s all,” said Levin, adding that Russia considers Belarus as an extension of its own statehood.

“It seems to me that everything is quite understandable. Lukashenko also understands perfectly well that he is indeed the last (self-proclaimed) president of Belarus. He understands very well what plans Russia has for Belarus, what the future holds for Belarus.”

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“They want to place their own, including nuclear, forces there to protect against the possibility of NATO or the West wanting to carry out democratization of Belarus, as sometimes happens with various dictators like Gaddafi and others, which Lukashenko understands perfectly well and is extremely afraid of,” Levin added.

Lukashenko spoke to the Belarusian people on March 31, stating that he had not “submitted to Putin.”

Meanwhile, Belarusian dictator parroted the narratives of Russian propaganda and Kremlin threats, saying that “counting on victory against a state that has nuclear weapons is madness.”

Lukashenko commented on Russia’s plans to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus, saying that “this is not about intimidating anyone or blackmail, but about the opportunity to secure the Belarusian state and ensure peace for the Belarusian people.”

On March 25, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin announced that he plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus. He justified his decision by claiming that the United Kingdom will transfer depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine.

According to the dictator, Russians have already refitted ten Belarusian planes for the use of tactical nuclear weapons and have provided Belarus with Iskander missile systems that can carry a nuclear payload. He also said that by July 1, a storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons will be completed in Belarus.

Putin’s statements have been criticized by a number of countries. The United States currently sees no signs of Russian nuclear weapons being moved to Belarus, while the EU is prepared to impose sanctions.

Against the backdrop of the Kremlin’s statements, Ukraine is requesting a meeting of the UN Security Council.

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