Military expert optimistic war could subside by winter

27 July, 04:47 PM
Fighters of the 93rd Brigade Kholodny Yar going to the war front (Photo:Pavlo Velytsky)

Fighters of the 93rd Brigade Kholodny Yar going to the war front (Photo:Pavlo Velytsky)

It’s reasonable to expect the supply of Western weapons will enable Ukraine to bring the war to a conclusive point, military expert Denys Popovych said in an interview with NV Radio on July 27.

“I don’t think it’s too ambitious,” said Popovych.

“We’re all eager for it all to end as quickly as possible, preferably by winter. So I welcome such objectives (the liberation of the southern territories of Ukraine, as outlined by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy). And I think weapons and ammunition supplies are planned accordingly. It’s important to have realistic, achievable goals.”

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The U.S.-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) earlier assessed that Russia intends to capture more Ukrainian territory before attempting to hold on to its conquests by declaring an annexation of the seized lands. Russian Donbas proxies claim the whole of Donetsk Oblast will be captured by the end of August.

At the same time, a Ukrainian journalist and expert on the Donbas, Serhiy Harmash, is convinced Moscow will fail to establish control over the whole of Donetsk Oblast, but will still hold a series of sham referendums to legitimize its territorial gains in Ukraine.

  • According to Harmash, there are three key dates to look out for: Sept. 11, Oct. 7, and Dec. 30 – Federal Voting Day in Russia,
  • Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s 70th birthday,
  • 100th anniversary of the creation of the Soviet Union, respectively.

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