Polish official lists ‘ills’ that Kremlin complains were caused by West

9 December 2022, 02:46 PM
Vladimir Putin (Photo:Pool via Reuters)

Vladimir Putin (Photo:Pool via Reuters)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s latest statements read “almost like a medical history,” a spokesperson for the Polish Minister Coordinator of Special Services, Stanisław Żaryn, wrote on Twitter on Dec. 8.

“The Kremlin’s latest crap: it is Russia that guarantees the security of Ukraine; NATO is breaking its commitments; ‘Polish nationalists’ pose a threat to Ukraine; Putin is like Tsar Peter I; Ukraine is breaking the law and the West allows it,” Żaryn tweeted.

“(It’s) almost like a medical history…” Żaryn joked after listing the “ills” that the Kremlin accuses its enemies of creating.

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Earlier U.S. political news outlet Politico named Putin 2022’s biggest loser due to his failure in Ukraine, which led to the loss of his reputation not only in the world, but also in Russia.

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