Poland uncovers Russian spy network

15 March, 11:48 PM
The flag of Poland (Photo:kaboompics / pixabay)

The flag of Poland (Photo:kaboompics / pixabay)

Polish special services have neutralized a Russian spy network that was preparing acts of sabotage on Polish territory and monitored shipments of Western weapons to Ukraine, Polish media outlet RMF FM reported on March 15.

According to the report, six people with foreign citizenship were detained, on suspicion of working for Russian special services.

Suspects were detained following the discovery of dozens of hidden cameras on important routes and railway junctions, which recorded rail traffic and uploaded this data online.

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According to information, the cameras were installed at the sections of railway tracks in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, including the airport in Jasionka near Rzeszow. That location is the primary logistical node for Western weapons and ammunition flow into Ukraine.

Cameras have also been secretly installed in other regions of Poland.

Following that discovery, employees of different state agencies and police across Poland were put on high alert.

On March 13, The Times reported that UK counterintelligence service MI-5 will start directly assisting national companies and organizations in repelling foreign intelligence threats posed by Russia and China.

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