Practically all units of Offensive Guard already formed, reserve recruitment underway

12 March, 11:37 AM
Ukrainian defenders (Photo:Offensive Guard)

Ukrainian defenders (Photo:Offensive Guard)

All of the units of the Offensive Guard, a new Ukrainian army formation of eight assault brigades, are practically fully formed, Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said on Ukrainian national television on March 11.

"We have already accepted 28,000 applications from volunteers, Klymenko said. He added that recruitment for reserves is currently underway.

“First of all, applications went through the centers for the provision of administrative services and through the corresponding website. Of course, not everyone gets into these divisions, because the selection process is pretty tough.”

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 "We’ve already started the training of almost all units at the training grounds of our country, but not everyone gets through it.”

Klymenko said the training will continue as long as necessary to obtain fully-formed, combat-ready units of volunteers drawn from the National Guard, the State Border Guard Service, and the National Police, all of which are now grouped together under the name of the Offensive Guard.

"The units are mostly formed,” Klymennko said. “We’re already recruiting additional volunteers in order to have a reserve for the future.”

The eight brigades of the offensive guard are being formed on the basis of units that distinguished themselves in fierce battles in various regions of the country.

On March 7, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine received more than 23,000 applications to join the ranks of the Offensive Guard, 5% of which were from women. Lists of private soldiers will not be made public, while the commanders are open public figures.

Foreigners are currently not accepted into these units.

Klymenko announced the formation of assault brigades of the Offensive Guard on Feb. 2. Their primary goal is to liberate Ukrainian territories and reach the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine.

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