Rada drafts bill denouncing Russia’s encroachment on Ukraine’s statehood

6 January, 05:13 PM
Verkhovna Rada (Photo:Natalia Kravchuk / NV)

Verkhovna Rada (Photo:Natalia Kravchuk / NV)

Ukrainian lawmakers registered a draft law on Jan. 5 proposing that the Verkhovna Rada, the country’s parliament, declare Russia is encroaching on the statehood of Ukraine with the aim of destroying it, a post on the website of the parliament reads.

According to the explanatory note to the draft resolution, Russia has long been carrying out systematic actions aimed at destroying the Ukrainian national and cultural identity, the Ukrainian political nation, and Ukrainian statehood.

“The inherently Nazi state ideology of the new identity of the ‘Russian world’ created in Russia, based on the mythology of ‘historical Russia,’ refutes the ethnic identity of the Ukrainian people, their language, culture, religion, their right to free, socio-economic, political and national cultural development,” the explanatory note reads.

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The accompanying document to the bill also states that any encroachment on national statehood is a direct threat to the people who created it, makes it impossible for them to freely choose their social, economic, political and cultural life, threatens their physical destruction, and has the intention of genocide.

The explanatory note also states that with this statement, the Rada recognizes the decisions and actions of the political and military leadership of the Russian Federation, its armed forces, and other military formations as encroaching on the statehood of Ukraine, carried out with the aim of destroying the Ukrainian people.

The Verkhovna Rada appeals to the UN, the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assemblies of the Council of Europe, the OSCE, NATO, and the governments and parliaments of foreign countries to recognize the actions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine as an international crime, which will make it possible to bring its political and military leadership to trial in an international court.

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