Russia deploys Iskanders to Belgorod, says General Staff

22 May, 02:56 PM
Russian invaders do not stop offensive operations in eastern Ukraine (Photo:General Staff of the Armed Forces)

Russian invaders do not stop offensive operations in eastern Ukraine (Photo:General Staff of the Armed Forces)

As active fighting continues around Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk in Donbas, Russia has deployed Iskander-M short-range ballistic missilelaunchers to Belgorod region, Ukraine’s General Staff said in a Facebook post on May 22.

The Kremlin continues to bombard Ukraine with air and missile strikes, and is leveraging its air power to a greater degree in the east, the General Staff said.

In the north, Belarus’ armed forces are engaged in reconnaissance activity and are deploying additional signals intelligence (SIGINT) systems along the border with Ukraine. Ukraine remains under threat of air and missile strikes, launched from Belarus, Ukraine’s military says.

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Near Siversk, the enemy continues to fire at settlements and infrastructure in Sumy and Chernihiv oblasts.

Certain regiments of Russia’s Western Military District and the Baltic Sea Fleet are attempting to prevent Ukrainian forces from reaching the Russian border in Kharkiv Oblast.

A Russian strike group in Donbas is getting ready to renew its advance towards Slovyansk.

Moscow has deployed Iskander-M short-range ballistic missile launchers to Belgorod region, and is expanding its supply and maintenance infrastructure there.

Near Donetsk, Russian forces are attempting a breakthrough, that would allow them to reach the boundary of Luhansk Oblast.

Civilian infrastructure in Vrubivka and Bkhmut has been targeted by Russian air strikes.

The enemy did not attempt to advance near Lyman, but instead shelled Ozerne, Zakitne, Dibrova, and Serebryanka.

Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk remain the focal points of the main thrust of the Russian offensive. Ukrainian forces in the area remain under persistent artillery barrages, while the enemy attempted to assault Oskolonivka, Purdivka, Schedrivka, and Smolyaninove – unsuccessfully.

Near Bakhmut, Russian troops are attempting to achieve a tactical advantage near Trypillia, Lypove, and Vasylivka. Fighting is ongoing in the area.

At Krasnohorivka, near Avdiivka, the invaders have sustained major losses.

An attempted Russian assault at Maryinka, near Kurakhove, was repelled.

In total, nine Russian advances around Donbas were repulsed in the last 24 hours. The enemy lost five tanks, four artillery units, ten armored vehicles, and an Orlan-10 reconnaissance UAV.

Ukraine’s air defense intercepted two cruise missiles, while its air force destroyed 12 pieces of Russian military equipment.

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