Despite a manpower advantage, Russia has not made substantial gains, says U.S. Pentagon

27 May, 11:53 AM
85 howitzers are currently used by the Armed Forces (Photo:Austin Fraley/Handout via REUTERS)

85 howitzers are currently used by the Armed Forces (Photo:Austin Fraley/Handout via REUTERS)

Despite a large advantage in the number of troops, the Russian invaders advancing in Donbas have achieved very little progress, reported the U.S. Department of Defense in an article on their website on May 27.

According to Pentagon, the Russian Federation has deployed as many as 110 battalion tactical groups to Ukraine, most of which are operating in the southern region, while the rest are disconnected between each other and operate in the Donbas area.

While the Russian military did achieve some preliminary results, these are insubstantial and are compensated by Ukraine’s achievements in other regions, especially around the city of Kharkiv – where a Ukrainian counter-offensive operation in late spring led to the liberation of dozens of towns and villages.

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The DoD notes that Russia is trying to disconnect the eastern Donbas region from mainland Ukraine, which is why Donbas is seeing the some of the highest-intensity combat in the war.

Meanwhile, Western military supplies are continuing to arrive in Ukraine. The Armed Forces are already using 85 out of 108 M-777 howitzers provided by the United States. This is a digital-age howitzer that is highly mobile, weighing much less than older, analog counterparts.

For its part, the Russian military is concentrating on Ukraine’s artillery in the central and southern regions, with an aim of Ukrainian artillery positions positions with their own mortars and howitzers.

Previously, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said that intensity of combat on the battlefield is at a maximum.

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