Russians gradually retreating in the south, says Ukrainian military

23 September, 05:55 PM
The invaders are gradually retreating in the south of Ukraine (Photo:General Staff)

The invaders are gradually retreating in the south of Ukraine (Photo:General Staff)

Fierce fighting continues in the south of Ukraine as Ukrainian forces are gradually consolidating liberated territories, the head of the Joint Press Center of the Defense Forces of Operational Command South, Natalia Humeniuk, said during on Ukrainian television on Sept. 22.

“It is quite hot in the south,” she said.

“Fire is coming from one side and the other. But the enemy is still yield-ing. Gradually, we are securing the territory for ourselves. It strains them, accordingly, there are fewer or more attacks depending on the amount of ammunition we hit during the night.”

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Humeniuk noted that over the past day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck at the clusters of enemy equipment and weapons. The scale and results of these strikes will be announced later.

She also noted that the sham “referendum” being orchestrated in the occupied territories are simply smokescreens for pre-defined conclusions.

"The mobilization and the referendum are just another manipulation by which they portray their activities, nothing more," emphasized Humeniuk.

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