Russia kills three civilians after hitting another public transport stop in Kherson

9 March, 03:11 PM
The Russians hit a public transport stop in Kherson (Photo:Андрій Єрмак/Telegram)

The Russians hit a public transport stop in Kherson (Photo:Андрій Єрмак/Telegram)

For the second time in two weeks, Kherson civilians waiting for public transport were killed by Russian shelling on March 9, reported head of the President’s Office, Andriy Yermak, on Telegram.

Three people were killed on March 9, just 15 days after six people were killed and another 12 injured in a similar attack on Feb. 22.

Андрій Єрмак/Telegram
Photo: Андрій Єрмак/Telegram
Андрій Єрмак/Telegram
Photo: Андрій Єрмак/Telegram

Russia fired 86 times at Kherson Oblast over the last 24 hours, directing more than 430 shells at the region, said local authorities. Residential areas were hit seven times.

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One person was killed and three wounded by Russian attacks in the region on March 8.

Russian forces have regularly attacked the city of Kherson and government-controlled areas ever since the area was liberated by Ukrainian forces in early November.

Earlier, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin falsely claimed that Russia had annexed Kherson Oblast, along with three other Ukrainian oblasts, without having full control of any.

Russia also falsely claimed to have annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014, a claim only recognized by a handful of the world’s rogue and pariah states.

Even Iran, who has provided Russia with the Shahed flying bomb drones that Russia uses to target Ukrainian civilians, has clarified recently that it does not recognize Moscow’s illegal claims to Ukrainian territory – including Crimea.

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