Russia targeting Ukrainian air defense systems, says Mykolaiv governor

14 March, 04:39 PM
According to Kim, Russia is launching anti-radar missiles over Ukraine (

According to Kim, Russia is launching anti-radar missiles over Ukraine (

Russia is most likely launching anti-radar missiles at Ukraine now, Mykolaiv regional governor Vitaliy Kim wrote on Telegram on March 14.

“Those missiles, which are now often launched one at a time from the north and from the south from the air, are most likely anti-radar,” he said.

According to Kim, the Russian invaders are looking to cripple Ukrainian air defense capabilities.

Wreckage found near a beach on the coast of the southern Ukrainian oblast of Odesa later on March 14 appeared to confirm Kim’s claim. Ukrainian media posted video they said showed debris from a Russian Kh-31P antiradar missile, which is used to destroy air defense radar systems by homing in on their radar emissions.

Video of day

Media said four such missiles had been fired from aircraft out to sea, but had been shot down by Ukrainian air defenses as they were approaching the coast. The blast from one shoot-down caused damage to a seaside kindergarten and several private houses.

Photographs from the scene showed parts of the missile, and damage to the exteriors of houses and the kindergarten. One photo showed shards of glass and parts of a window frame on children’s beds inside the kindergarten.

Meanwhile the Ukrainian military’s South Operational Command said Russia is likely preparing another massive missile attack on the territory of Ukraine.

The head of the Joint Press Center of South Operational Command, Natalia Humeniuk, has once again called on Ukrainian citizens not to ignore air raid alerts.

She added that Russia launches missiles very quickly from its submarines and they can be difficult for Ukraine’s air defense systems to detect, so prompt response to air raid alerts is necessary.

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