Russian 'Cossack detachment' refuses to go on offensive near Vuhledar — MoD

5 March, 07:15 PM
A view of Russian positions from a Ukrainian trench near Vugledar, Donetsk Oblast (Photo:REUTERS / Lisi Niesner)

A view of Russian positions from a Ukrainian trench near Vugledar, Donetsk Oblast (Photo:REUTERS / Lisi Niesner)

A Russian volunteer Cossack unit refused to go on the offensive near Vuhledar in Donetsk Oblast and ignores orders of its "incompetent command," Ukraine’s DeputyMinister of Defense (MoD) Hanna Malyar said on Telegram on March 5.

This "Cossack detachment" was sent to Vuhledar to reinforce the 155th separate marine brigade of Russia’s Pacific Fleet, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine had previously defeated at the same place, with serious enemy losses of both personnel and equipment.

Carrying out tasks in the Vuhledar area, the Step/Tigr "Cossack detachment" is tasked with carrying out enemy objectives, but dissatisfaction with the leadership of Russia’s Armed Forces has led the group to sever interactions with Russia’s occupying army units, says the General Staff.

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Malyar added that refusing to obey commands is becoming a trend observed in other enemy units.

In response, Russian occupation forces' command have intensified their use of coercive and punitive measures to improve military discipline and discourage cases of mass mutiny or desertion in combat areas.

Malyar added that the Russian invasion forces continue to suffer heavy losses in manpower.

Medical facilities in Russian-occupied Ukraine are full of seriously injured soldiers, as they are rarely relocated back to Russia. Worried about Russian casualties information getting out, these records are held exclusively by Russian military medics.

Information about the real losses of the Russian Armed Forces spreads quickly among the military and contributes to demoralizing the enemy.

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