Russian diplomat expelled from Moldova after missile incident

31 October 2022, 09:01 PM
Wreckage of Russian missile shot down by Ukraine fell in Moldova (Photo:MIA of Moldova)

Wreckage of Russian missile shot down by Ukraine fell in Moldova (Photo:MIA of Moldova)

Chisinau has expelled a Russian diplomat after fragments of a Russian missile, fired at Ukraine, fell in Moldovan territory, Moldova’s Foreign Ministry said in a message on its website Oct. 31.

The diplomat in question, whose position and identity are not disclosed, was ordered to leave Moldova, after Russian Ambassador Oleg Vasnetsov was summoned to the Foreign Ministry.

The ambassador was told that missile attacks on Ukraine continue to increase security risks, and the citizens of Moldova are getting more exposed to the devastating consequences of the war.

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Furthermore, the ministry said that attacks on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure pose a threat to Moldova's energy security.

On Oct. 31, Russia fired more than 50 missiles at Ukraine, 44 of which were intercepted. The wreckage of one of them fell on the territory of Moldova, damaging residential buildings in the village of Naslavcea, near the border with Ukraine. There were no casualties or injuries.

Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Yuriy Ihnat said that Russia used Moldavian airspace to deliver missile strikes at Ukraine.

At the same time, Moldova’s Defense Ministry assures it didn’t record Russian missiles violating the country’s airspace.

Launched from the Black Sea, three Russian cruise missiles crossed into Moldovan airspace on Oct. 10, on their way towards targets in Ukraine.

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