Russian FM says Putin ready for Ukraine talks with West

30 October 2022, 07:09 PM
Lavrov said that Putin is ready for negotiations with the West (Photo:Alexander Zemlianichenko / Pool via REUTERS)

Lavrov said that Putin is ready for negotiations with the West (Photo:Alexander Zemlianichenko / Pool via REUTERS)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is still ready for negotiations on Ukraine if the “interests of the Russian Federation” are respected, Russian propaganda agency RIA Novosti quoted Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrovas saying on Oct. 30.

“We’re always ready to listen to our Western colleagues if they make another request to organize a conversation,” Lavrov said.

“I hope that, in addition to reproducing in contacts through diplomatic agencies and other channels what they publicly say in propaganda zeal, they will be able to offer us some serious approaches that will contribute to de-escalation of tensions and fully take into account the interests of the Russian Federation and its security.”

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He said there had allegedly been several initiatives by the U.S. and some other Western counterparts over the past six months who asked for talks with the Russian dictator.

Lavrov also said that some foreign ministers had allegedly approached him with the same request, and he always gave his consent.

In response, Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko wrote on Facebook that the only realistic proposal for possible negotiations with Russia is an immediate end to Putin’s full-scale war against Ukraine, and the withdrawal of Russian troops to the borders in effect as of 1991.

He noted that if the Russians were serious about negotiations, they would not target Ukraine’s power infrastructure to freeze out Ukraine’s people in the winter, commit mass executions of civilians, shell residential areas, announce additional mobilizations, block grain exports, or put forward ultimatums.

“Lavrov’s statement about readiness for negotiations is nothing more than another smoke screen to gain time amid the Russian army’s defeats,” Nikolenko said.

“As long as Russia continues to commit crimes in Ukraine, there should be only one answer – on the battlefield.”

The Ukrainian official also thanked Ukraine’s international partners.

“Only by joint determined efforts it is possible to stop Russia, which poses a threat to the peace and security of not only Europe, but also the world,” the spokesman said.

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