Russian forces launch big artillery attack on Kherson, killing, wounding civilians

29 January, 04:45 PM
Local residents near houses damaged by Russian shelling in Kherson, January 25, 2023 (Photo:REUTERS/Nacho Doce)

Local residents near houses damaged by Russian shelling in Kherson, January 25, 2023 (Photo:REUTERS/Nacho Doce)

Russian invasion forces launched a massive artillery attack on the liberated Ukrainian city of Kherson on Jan. 29, killing three civilians, Kherson Oblast Military Administration has reported.

“At this point, we know there are a lot of casualties: wounded and dead,” the administration said in their report.

The shelling started at midnight, and a second wave of enemy shells of the city hit at around one 1 p.m. As of 2:00 p.m., the enemy had carried out seven shelling attacks, officials in the city said.

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There were reports, yet to be verified, that three civilians have been killed and another two wounded in the attacks.

The Russians shelled the residential quarters of the city, hitting warehouses, a hospital, a bus station and a school playground. Buildings and vehicles were also damaged in the city.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported there had been a Russian shelling attack on Kherson’s regional clinical hospital. A nurse was injured in the shelling, and pictures of the damage to the hospital soon began circulating on social media.

Local residents have been urged to leave the streets, head to the nearest shelter or stay at home using the two-wall rule – making sure that there are at least two walls between you and any doors and windows, to help protect yourself from blasts.

Russian invasion forces have regularly struck Kherson, killing civilians, since it was liberated from Russian occupation by Ukrainian forces in early November.

Over the past day, on Jan. 28, the invaders hit the territory of Kherson oblast 36 times with artillery, rocket launchers, mortars and tank fire.

Two women were killed in Kherson on Jan. 27 as a result of the shelling of residential quarters.

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