Russian invaders launch assaults in Kharkiv Oblast, but are driven back

3 June, 02:45 PM
The occupiers tried to storm the Kharkiv oblast (Photo:General Staff)

The occupiers tried to storm the Kharkiv oblast (Photo:General Staff)

Invading Russian forces are continuing to carry out assaults in Kharkiv Oblast in support of their attempts to capture the Donbas, but have suffered losses and retreated, Ukraine’s General Staff reported on June 3.

In the thrust from the north towards Slovyansk in Donetsk Obast, the Russian invaders are concentrating on engineering work to reinforce their current positions, reports General Staff.

In Kharkiv Oblast, the enemy launched assault operations near the villages of Bogorodichne and Dolyna, but these were unsuccessful. They withdrew after suffering losses inflicted by units of the Ukrainian army.

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Enemy shelling of civilian infrastructure was recorded in the areas around Dubrovno, Kurulka, Vernopil, Chervona Polyana and other settlements in the southeast of Kharkiv Obast.

Near Dolgenkoe, the occupiers launched airstrikes using army ground attack aircraft.

In the Slobozhanske area, the Russian invasion force continues to prepare for an attack by replenishing supplies, weapons and equipment on the Russian territory. They continue to fire using artillery and multiple launch rocket systems in order to reduce the offensive potential of the Ukrainian troops.

On the Kharkiv axis in general, the invaders are not carrying out active operations. The main efforts are focused on deterring the actions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, Ukraine’s General Staff said.

The Russian invasion force has shelled civilian infrastructure in the areas around Bashkirovka, Mospino, Ruska Lozova, Pecheniga and Mikhailivka in Kharkiv Oblast. The Russian military also carried out air strikes near the village of Novy in the oblast.

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