Russian shelling damages nuclear research facility in Kharkiv

11 March 2022, 01:09 PM

Russian artillery strikes on the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology have damaged a nuclear research facility, Ukraine’s Nuclear Regulation Inspection Agency said in a Facebook post on March 10.

The agency called the incident “an act of nuclear terrorism.”

“The aggressor has once again bombarded the sub-critical nuclear assembly Neutron Source… which is located at the grounds of Kharkiv’s Institute of Physics and Technology,” the agency’s statement reads.

Preliminary reports suggest that Neutron Source has been fully shut down, while the building that houses the facility has sustained some surface-level damage. Local employees are still assessing the extent of the damage.

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According to the agency, Neutron Source had been loaded with a fresh batch of fissile material prior to the outbreak of the war. On Feb. 24, those responsible for the facility’s operations transitioned it to a “deep sub-critical state,” minimizing the risks of a fission chain reaction.

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