Russian special services busted in Odesa while planning riots on May 2

30 April, 07:37 PM
Detained defendants (Photo:National Police of Ukraine)

Detained defendants (Photo:National Police of Ukraine)

Russia's special services were planning to destabilize the situation in Ukraine's southern Odesa Oblast by inciting citizens to riots and protests, the National Police of Ukraine reported on April 30.

The National Guard, together with the State Bureau of Investigation, investigated various suspected who may be cooperating with Russia.

During the course of this investigation, which involved police raids, officers discovered weapons, communist paraphernalia, brochures with communist and other banned symbols, as well as grenades, ammunition, mobile phones, and equipment.

Видео дня

"According to the enemy's plans, the defendants needed to influence and act through their proxies, who settled in Odesa Oblast," the National Guard said.

"May 2, the anniversary of tragic events, had to be the final date for the implementation of these criminal plans."

The agency added that the investigation was continuing.

A protracted curfew has been announced in the port city of Odesa. It will last from 2200 on May 1 to 0500 on May 3. Restrictions on movement remain unchanged in the rest of the region.

Forty-eight people were killed in clashes between Maidan and anti-Maidan protesters in Odesa on May 2, 2014: six were shot dead and others died in a fire at the Trade Unions Building on Kulykove Pole (Wader Field).

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