Russian tanks in Belarus pulled back from Ukrainian border, media report says

21 December 2022, 11:50 PM
Army of Belarus (Photo:Ministry of Defense of Belarus)

Army of Belarus (Photo:Ministry of Defense of Belarus)

After spending some time near the Belarus-Ukraine border, military echelons with Russian tanks turned back without ever unloading, Belarusian Hajun news outlet reported via Telegram on Dec. 21.

The report said that the military echelon arrived close to the border and after staying there without unloading was eventually sent back deeper into Belarus.

“According to our data, the echelon with vehicles of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which arrived yesterday from the Polonka railway station (Brest region, Belarus), stayed overnight in Luninets and – without unloading – simply drove back towards of Brest,” the message says.

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Hajun added the train was carrying 23 T-80 tanks, eight fuel trucks, two passenger and seven freight cars.

On Dec. 21, Ukrainian Military Intelligence said that Ukrainian forces have a plan to counter a potential new Russian invasion from Belarus, adding that the scenario remains unlikely.

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