Russians attack Mariupol humanitarian corridor again, Joint Forces Operation reports

8 March 2022, 02:19 PM

Russian troops launched an attack on the city of Mariupol in Ukraine’s Donbas region, reports Azov Battalion, a key unit of Ukraine’s defensive operation there. Invaders’ attack is focused on a route previously prepared for evacuation of the local residents.

Kremlin’s combatants are blocking civilians who want to leave the city.

Information was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Joint Forces Operation Headquarters.

This comes after the defenders of Mariupol took a number of safety measures: clearing the road from mines, removing engineering barriers and more – specifically for the evacuation of civilians along a single route.

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“Just now, without letting Mariupol residents out of the city, the enemy launched an attack on Mariupol in this direction,” Azov’s Telegram channel says.

“Invaders did not let children, women, elderly people out of the city. The enemy launched an attack in the direction of the humanitarian corridor. Such actions of Russian monsters are nothing but genocide of the Ukrainian people. The crimes of the Kremlin invaders will not go unpunished!” the JFO HQ statement says.

Russian troops are disrupting the evacuation from Mariupol in South-Eastern Ukraine for the third time.

Evacuation of the civilians from Mariupol was planned to happen on March 6 under the ceasefire agreement that was supposed to stop any aggressive actions 10 am to 9 pm. However, as soon as Ukrainian buses for civilians arrived in the city, Russians started shooting in a violation of the ceasefire agreement.

A similar situation arose in Mariupol on March 5, when the invaders fired and disrupted the evacuation previously agreed with the Russian side.

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